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Why Hostel Hopper?

It's Simple...

  • Guide, Transport And Accommodation Included

  • Most Meals Are Included!

  • Very Budget Friendly

  • Fun, Freedom & Flexibility

  • Unique Adventures Included On Every Trip

Very Budget Friendly And Lots Of Inclusions!

Let’s face it, USA is very big and expensive.

Sure, you could rent a car but then you have to pay for expensive gas, one-way rental fees, find super expensive parking and spend a lot of time trying to navigate.

You ever seen LA traffic? One wrong turn and your entire trip is spent in traffic!

We include everything, So you don’t have to worry about anything!

Toss your bags in the trailer, jump in the van and sit back & relax.

We’ve got this!

“Hostel Hopper Was The Best Part Of My USA Trip!”

OliviaFrom The UK
Horseshoe Bend Hostel Hopper Tour Group

Fun, Freedom & Flexibility

We’ve designed these trips so you get lots of freedom!

There are times that doing things as a group makes sense but for the most part, you get time to do your thing.

Plus we take you to a lot of hidden gems that you wouldn’t find on your own.

We make your time in the USA an experience like no other!

Designed For You.

If you’re looking for THE once in a lifetime experience while in America that won’t break the bank, Hostel Hopper is the way to go!

With over 20+ years of experience, We’ve created the best way for budget travelers to get around the USA.

Grand Canyon Hostel Hopper Sunset Tour
las vegas hostel hopper

Ready For Your USA Adventure?